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Because a translator is a professional who has studied over the years and masters the technological, documental, research and terminology resources that a good translation requires. A translator takes over every project with  responsibility, observes the principles on confidentiality, is flexible about his/her client's needs, and takes into account the culture and local characteristics of the target readers. A translator is constantly studying, getting information and updating his/her skills.

In the territory of the Argentine Republic a sworn translator is the only professional who can grant legal validity to a translation with his signature and seal. The intervention of a sworn translators proves to be essential to guarantee the accuracy of legal documents. His areas of competence cover the translation into Spanish of documents written in a foreign language that must be submitted before official bodies, entities or agencies in the Argentine Republic, as well as the translation from Spanish into a foreign language, whose content is authenticated through his/her signature and seal.

Translations are charged based on the number of words to translate. However, other factors are crucial to prepare an accurate and fair quotation:

  • the complexity of the subject
  • urgency
  • characteristics of the project
    (is it a scientific text, a personal document, a letter, an agreement?)

In any case, I provide an excellent service at very competitive rates.

Please, e-mail me at Attach the file you need to translate and provide me with any information your consider relevant to share. If the file is not available, we will agree on the delivery of the printed material. Here, the quotation will be based on the manual word count.

Sure. Send me an e-mail explaining what you need. I work in cooperation with other language translators who are ready to help.

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